Wednesday, November 24, 2010

J.D Ward "Dark Lover"

A friend of mine got me the first two books in the "Black Dagger Brotherhood". It is a vampire novel and usually I am pretty anal went it comes to Vampire novels. I have loved Vampire novels waaaaayyyy before Twilight became popular, so I'm a bit skeptical when I pick up a Vampire novel at this time because I don't want to read more about sparkly vampires. J.D Ward's book was AMAZING! I totally and completely loved it! I couldn't put this book down! And when I had to all I could think about was getting back to it as soon as possible.

You are introduced to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, who are a group of male vampires who are the strongest of their kind and they fight against the lessers (humans who have sold their soul to Omega (the devil) destined to kill off vampires). It is a fight that has been going on for centuries and it's getting worse since the lessers are becoming insane and  hunting for power. The novel has the gore of vampire novels and has some romance as well. The lead character can sometimes be a bit "emo" but that's forgiven when you see how his character fits into the atmosphere of the brotherhood.

The author includes a very helpful glossary of terms at the beginning of the book. Usually I pay no attention to those and I just fumble through the book. Something about the way that this book is written made me want to know exactly what every word meant. It was nice to be introduced to this whole new world and know exactly what words like shellan, hellren and lessers meaned.

When I first started this series I was a little bit wary considering how much I love vampire novels and I'm pretty snobby -I guess- when it comes to the Vampires attributes and how the author determines what the Vampires' bodies can and cannot do (i.e. some get sparkly in the sunlight....whereas these ones burst into ash). This novel satisfied my snobbiness and has made me want more of the books and the characters. I am so excited to start the next novel of the series.  My only concern is that, this series may have started out strong but it may dwindle into boring drab or the other alternative and become so cruel and revolting.(such as, Anita Blake Series.....a series that I had had so much hope for and now I have stopped reading it since I can't take the grotesque manner of description and the amount of cruelty. I know it's fiction but I shouldn't be wanting to shower after reading something so obscene.)

Unfortunately, I cannot go into more detail about the story line since my two followers of this blog will be reading the book come Christmas break. All I can suggest is....YOU HAVE TO READ IT!

Much Love <3,
Ginger Spudman

Next Book: J.D Ward "Lover Eternal"

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  1. Hahaha - yes, we will! I have it on my night table right now, just tempting me out of reading for exams ....

    I am glad you liked it! Being a Vampire snob myself, this holds well for me! :)